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My beliefs  posted by Alexander Krzyston

I believe in the peace our world needs,
I believe in the individuality of everyone,
I believe in the ability to forgive,
I believe in the power of love,
I believe in the strength we all have,
I believe in helping,
I believe in the courage we need to stand up for what is right,
I believe in the hope of all,
I believe in the grace of the world,
I believe in giving,
I believe in sharing,
I believe in education,
I believe in always trying,
I believe in God almighty,
I believe in helping all,
I believe in doing the impossible,
I believe in telling the truth, which sets us free,
I believe in freedom and justice something people must have,
I believe in loyalty to each and every person,
I believe in myself and everyone around me.

Why Nature? posted by Alexander Krzyston

Why does the sun shine?
Why do trees smell like pine?
Why does the wind blow?
Why do trees grow?
Why is the sky blue?
Why does the grass have dew?
Why does poison ivy make people itch?
Why is the grass so green, lush, and rich?
Why are flowers pretty?
Why are ants itty-bitty?
I asked myself all these things,
But all I could think of is that it is nature.


Alex Krzyston



Alexander Krzyston

Alexander Krzyston
Alexander Krzyston
Alexander Krzyston
Alexander Krzyston